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Infrastructure and Program

The vision of the BRILLIANT-Rehab research program is to optimize mobility following ABI across the lifespan. The main objectives are to: (1) identify the factors limiting or enhancing mobility in real-world community environments (public spaces including the RehabMaLL, home, outdoors), and understand their complex interplay in individuals of all ages with ABI, and (2) customize community environment mobility training by identifying, on a continuous basis, the specific rehabilitation strategies and interventions that patient subgroups benefit from most.

The BRILLIANT-Rehab program is structured around two interlinking research themes.

  • Theme 1 (blue) encompasses research to build a continuous monitoring system of the mobility profile of ABI patients.
  • Theme 2 (grey) will use this mobility profile to study customized rehabilitation/retraining programs.


Biomedical Research and Informatics Living Laboratory
for Innovative Advances of New Technologies

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