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Transitions and enhancing Participation for Individuals with disabilities and chronic conditions

Understanding the Challenge

In the aftermath of a stroke or traumatic brain injury, individuals often encounter significant obstacles reintegrating into their daily lives, including work, education, and family and social activities. These hurdles not only impact the individual but also place a substantial burden on families and caregivers. Factors such as cognitive function, physical ability, psychosocial barriers, and environmental accessibility all play crucial roles in determining an individual’s ability to fully participate in society.

The EMMI Vision

The EMMI project seeks to address these challenges head-on by providing a comprehensive app designed to guide individuals with advice and resources to increase mobility and participation.


At this stage, the EMMI project has outlined two primary objectives:

  1. Identifying Factors Influencing Social Participation: Through rigorous research and analysis, the BRILLIANT network is working to uncover the health system, individual, and environmental factors that influence mobility and social participation. By understanding these complexities, the project aims to lay the groundwork for effective interventions that address the unique needs of individuals .
  2. Designing the EMMI app: Building upon insights gained from stakeholders and experts, the BRILLIANT network is focused on designing a user-friendly app that meets the diverse needs of individuals living with a disability. The first groups of individuals that will be involved are those that have experienced a stroke or a traumatic brain injury.


Here’s how EMMI aims to make a difference:

  1. Continuous Remote Monitoring: The EMMI app seeks to offer continuous remote monitoring of mobility outcomes, allowing healthcare providers to track an individual’s progress in real-time. By collecting data on mobility patterns and challenges faced in various environments, the EMMI app aims to provide valuable insights into the individual’s needs.
  2. Individualized Interventions: Based on the data collected and carefully trained AI algorithm, the EMMI Platform aims to automatically deliver evidence-based interventions tailored to each person’s unique difficulties.
  3. Integration into Healthcare Services Throughout the Care Trajectory: Our research Team is working in close collaboration with multiple CIUSSS & CISSS to integrate the EMMI Platform into existing rehabilitation health services and community care programs, ensuring that individuals receive comprehensive support throughout their recovery journey from acute care settings to their return in the community.

How can you get involved?

The EMMI project represents a collaborative effort to empower individuals with ABI and promote their meaningful participation in society. By harnessing the power of technology and evidence-based interventions, EMMI aims to break down barriers and create pathways to participation and fulfillment.

If you or someone you are caring for is living with the consequences of a stroke or of a traumatic brain injury, your participation in the EMMI research project is invaluable. By sharing your experiences and feedback, you contribute to advancing Acquired Brain Injury care and help shape future interventions.


Spread the Word!

Join us in spreading awareness about the development of the EMMI app for ABI care. Share this newsletter with your network and encourage others to learn about this exciting initiative.

Together, we can learn how technology can support individuals and their families to receive the support they need

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