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BRILLIANT Resources: Research Measures

The vision of the BRILLIANT Rehab program is to optimize the mobility of persons with ABI across the lifespan. The program will develop and deploy a comprehensive clinical and community-based mobility monitoring system to evaluate the factors that result in poor mobility, and develop personalized mobility interventions that are optimized for specific patient sub-groups. These innovations will be used by front-line clinicians to deliver cost-effective care; the right intervention to the right person at the right time, accounting for long-term functional potential and meaningful participation in the community.

Throughout the research process, we have tested, evaluated, and implemented a number of rehabilitation measures. Along that journey, we have developed a variety of resources, including instructional videos, guidelines, and infographics. Our first such suite of training materials have primarily been developed for the use of the MPAI-4 and M2PI in stroke outpatient programs; however, the information could be applicable across all acquired brain injury rehabilitation.

Over the coming months we plan to add additional resources as we develop them!

MPAI Resources

The Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory – version 4 (MPAI-4) assesses deficits, activities and participation in individuals with acquired brain injury in rehabilitation programs.


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