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Our aim is to provide you regular updates to keep you informed of the project’s progress.

Volume 1 Number 1

In this first volume, we provide an overview of the project’s objectives, an introduction to our team and partners, an illustration of BRILLIANT’s potential impact, news & examples of projects under BRILLIANT’s umbrella.


Volume 1 Number 2

In this second volume, we we meet BRILLIANT’s Project Officer and the Coordinator of the Early Supported Discharge (ESD)/ Congé Précoce Assisté (CPA) program at CLRC. We go inside one of the many BRILLIANT research projects. We also explore the rapidly changing landscape of Telehealth.


Volume 2 Number 1

We are pleased to issue you the third edition of the BRILLIANT Newsletter. In this issue, we provide an update on the rehabilitation and digital technologies purchased for BRILLIANT. We share with you some governance changes. Significant progress has been made towards building the BRILLIANT platform. Lastly, we go ‘Inside BRILLIANT’ and learn about how Artificial Intelligence can help improve rehabilitation care.

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Biomedical Research and Informatics Living Laboratory
for Innovative Advances of New Technologies

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