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At the forefront of the BRILLIANT research project, our dedicated team believes in the potential of research to reshape the landscape of brain injury, rehabilitation, and healthcare technology.

We are committed to making a resounding impact on communities near and far. Our team members lead the charge, conducting cutting-edge research studies and pioneering clinical trials in the dynamic intersection of brain injury, rehabilitation, and technology. By harnessing state-of-the-art tools such as MRIs, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, we try to unravel the complexities of the human brain and deepen our understanding of brain injury rehabilitation.

Together, we aim to revolutionize the field of brain injury rehabilitation and transform the lives of individuals affected by brain injury. Your participation is crucial as we strive to develop groundbreaking rehabilitation strategies and leverage cutting-edge healthcare technologies. Through collaboration and a shared vision, we can unlock new possibilities in brain injury treatment, empower survivors, and enhance the quality of life for all those impacted by these challenges.

Join our passionate research community and be part of a journey that will shape the future of brain injury rehabilitation and healthcare technology. Let’s forge a path toward breakthrough discoveries and compassionate care that will impact individuals and communities worldwide.

Below you will find active research studies seeking people like you to join us!

Help Design a Rehabilitation Patient Portal Technology

If you are a person with a brain injury or stroke, this study may be for you.

What is the study about?

We are developing a patient portal technology to help people with brain injury or stroke navigate their rehabilitation. The portal will help patients take control of their own care and pursue what is most meaningful to them.

Participation in two online or in-person meetings (90 minutes each); and completion of two questionnaires:

  • Meeting 1: Share your rehabilitation and healthcare technology needs and challenges. Discuss and select the most important technology features to include in the patient portal.
  • Meeting 2: Test the patient portal, see how well it works, and provide feedback.

We want to make a technology that works well for people with brain injuries and strokes. To do that, we need your help!

You can join our research study and tell us the most important features.

If you have sustained a brain injury or stroke (or their caregiver), are 19 years and older and are fluent in English or French, you can participate in the study.

Contact Information:

Phone: (438) 764-4924

There is compensation for your participation in the research project.

Patient Portal Introductory Video

For more information about this research project, please watch the video below.


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