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Thayla Amorim Santino,  PhD Candidate

Researcher: BRILLIANT

Thayla Amorim Santino,  PhD Candidate

Thayla Amorim Santino is a physiotherapist who graduated from the State University of Paraíba (UEPB). She received her Masters degree by the Postgraduate Program in Physiotherapy at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). She is a professional specialist in Respiratory Physiotherapy by ASSOBRAFIR. Approved in the selection process for Doctorate in the Graduate Program in Physiotherapy at UFRN (2018). Has experience in Physiotherapy, working in the following areas: Neonatal Physiotherapy (Early Stimulation and Assistance in Intensive Care Units) and Respiratory Physiotherapy. She has experience in research in several areas and has worked as a volunteer and fellow in several projects, involving respiratory physiotherapy, and translation.


Biomedical Research and Informatics Living Laboratory
for Innovative Advances of New Technologies

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