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Zachary Boychuck,  PhD, 

Postdoctoral Scholar: BRILLIANT

Zachary Boychuck,  PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Boychuck’s postdoctoral research is focused on the development and evaluation of e-health technologies. Specifically, the three projects he is currently leading are:

Study: “A paradigm shift toward telerehabilitation: Adapting rehabilitation services across an integrated health and social services university network in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis”

  • The aim of this integrated knowledge translation study is to create evidence-based resources (educational knowledge translation tools) to train and support rehabilitation professionals (e.g., occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists) in the delivery of care as they adapt their practices to be delivered using telehealth across 30 complementary pediatric and adult healthcare facilities.

Study: “Organizational and technological innovations for the deployment of patient-centred best practices: Early Assisted Discharge (EAD) Project for Stroke Clients”

  • The EAD study will focus on evaluating the implementation and scalability of digital health solutions (telehealth) for patients with chronic conditions, mainly electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures (ePROMs), patient portals, and clinical information systems to support community rehabilitation and self-management.

Study: “Physical & Occupational Therapy Students’ and Clinical Preceptors’ Experiences with Using Telerehabilitation”

  • The aims of this mixed-methods incidence cohort study are threefold: (i) To evaluate readiness to use telerehabilitation in the delivery of rehabilitation services among student clinicians and their clinical preceptors; (ii) To explore students’ experiences around using telerehabilitation during their a clinical practicum; and (iii) To explore clinical preceptors’ experiences around using telerehabilitation during a clinical practicum.


Biomedical Research and Informatics Living Laboratory
for Innovative Advances of New Technologies

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